Amos Business Computers provides customers with the best in servers, workstations and peripherals, configured with the latest network applications and system software.

We currently recommend the Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu and Dell range of servers; expandable tower servers that deliver affordable performance to corporate workgroups and growing businesses.

All servers are configured to meet the requirements of customers. We provide comprehensive commissioning of the operating system and specified anciliary hardware. All servers are thoroughly soak-tested before installation.

Workstations are specified to match the overall plan of the IT system and can be supplied by Hewlett Packard and Dell. A range of notebooks complete the solutions for our clients.

We are independent of any particular manufacturer but recommend the most appropriate equipment to fit the standards set by the system specification.

All hardware supplied by us provides the latest proven technology along with the ultimate balance of price and performance to meet every computing need. The standards we adopt offer outstanding customer value and ease of ownership, at the lowest initial purchase price, delivering the best value to business computing customers. Hewlett Packard and Dell are well suited to small and medium sized businesses, government departments, and corporates.

Our recommended range of peripherals is selected from leading brands based on our long experience in the industry. We recommend products that we know are the best in terms of functionality amd ongoing reliability and which offer a low cost of ownership.